I am a  multidisciplinary designer working in the field of Art and Technology.


I have a background in Architecture, Design and Engineering.

I work across a diversity of projects that engage with spatial, visual and experience design, with a focus on kinetic, sonic and performative artworks.

My multidisciplinary experience gives me the ability to deliver projects that are aesthetically unique as well as technically feasible.


. 2018 - 2021               Creative Director at Kai Lab. London, UK.

. 2019                       Creative Technologist at Random International. London, UK.

. 2019                       Design Tutor, MA Interior Design, University of the Creative Arts, Canterbury, UK.

. 2019                       Fabricator at Random International. London, UK.

. 2018                             Fabricator for Ocean of Air, Marshmallow Laser Feast, UK.

. 2018                             Fabricator for Halo, Kimchi and Chips ,Somerset House, London, UK.

. 2018                             Fabricator for Edge of Chaos,  IALab  , La Gaité Lyrique, Paris, France.

. 2016 - 2017                  Exhibition designer and event curator. Cultural department Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France.


. 2017-2018                    M.Arch Design for Performance and Interaction. The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London, UK.

. 2013-2016                    Bachelor's degree in Architecture. ENSA Lyon, France,

. 2013-2016                    Master's degree in Civil Engineering and Urban Planning. INSA Lyon, France.

. 2011-2013                    Bachelor's degree in Engineering. INSA Lyon, France.


Tangible instruments for relatable performances, or the issue of perception in electronic and digital musical performances, supervised by Fiona Zisch, David di Duca, Stephen Gage. M.Arch Design for Performance and Interaction, The Bartlett, UCL, January 2018.

Musical Emergence: A study of self-organisation and disruption in systems of distributed performers, supervised by Lucy Jones, Stephen Gage. M.Arch Design for Performance and Interaction, The Bartlett, UCL, Septembre 2018.

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