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Clickers [4 units]
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Clickers is an ecosystem comprised of individual, independent modules that click in response to light.

If a light is shone brightly on a module, it will click more rapidly. In the dark, the sound is sparse. Although each of the units responds almost identically to light intensity, when they are distributed across a space, their individual experience of the light creates a polyrhythmic soundscape. In bright light, this sounds almost like a field of cicadas and in lower lights more like the end of a storm, with drops falling from the eaves. In all lights, the emergent behaviour makes the piece feel alive and watching the development and changes in the system is a dynamic and meditative experience.


Clickers is a project by Kai Lab. It was initially designed and built in 2019 by Sean Malikides and Marguerite Tricaud. It was updated in 2022 for Kai Lab's solo exhibition Phases

Concept, prototype, lighting performance : Sean Malikides

PCB design, Mechanical Design, Spatial Design : Marguerite Tricaud

SandraCiampone_Kailab_Phases-43 copy.jpg