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TocTocBot is a friendly disrupting robot whose purpose is to knock on people's doors and windows to break social boundaries. It was designed for Plexal innovation center at Here East (London), where a community of entrepeneurs and students share a common space but rarely have the opportunity to interact.

TocTocBot wanders freely in the building and looks for a vertical surface on which to knock. Once it detects one thanks to its sensing moustaches, it rises its head up to the surface. One of his eye knocks and the other listens for an answer. TocTocBot only goes away when it has received an knock back from the other side of the wall, or if it has been knocking for a bit too long...

TocTocBot was designed and built in October 2017 by Marguerite Tricaud, Martina Fatato, Yueying Li and Samantha Olschan at the Interactive Architecture Lab, M.Arch Design for Performance and Interaction at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

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